Looking for European volunteers for the year 2023-2024

European Solidarity Corps: 14 opportunities for you!

“Let’s live Europe in Sarthe” is a collective ESC project in the region of Le Mans, in France. The project starts at the 23rd of August for 11 month until end of July 2024. It involves 14 volunteers in different places of volunteering, with a common goal: to educate on Europe, cultural diversity, mobility, and help people to get more easily in touch with Europe in making it more concrete by exchanging with people from different European countries. We strongly believe that meeting others can help strengthening open-mindedness, equality, diversity, and citizenship, and our team of volunteers is taking on this challenge all year long!

The House of Europe (“Maison de l’Europe” in French) manages several European mobility projects, in particular European volunteering projects (European Solidarity Corps). Among them we can find the hosting of volunteers at the Maison de l’Europe every year. It is an EU awareness-raising mission. We also host volunteering projects which take place in various places such as the 6 rural boarding schools in our region Sarthe (the MFR), the Joseph Roussel high school, the “Les Horizons” high school (all above are vocational education centers), the municipalities of Le Mans, Rouillon and Saint-Georges du Bois, as well as the social center of Le Grand-Lucé, and more new places every year!

Are you loking for a project? Please read carefully these ESC offers.

This guide provides information about the 14 following volunteer opportunities. You can apply for more than one if you are interested by several volunteer missions:

Non profit organization (below on the map, blue markers):

Alternative schools (below on the map, purple markers):

Vocational high schools (below on the map, green markers):

Town halls (below on the map, red markers):

To get to know all mission in one shot you can also download our fabulous Infopack 2023-2024



The role of the House of Europe

The House of Europe has a coordination role and provides the financial and administrative management of the project. Administrative work, management of accommodation and transport for the volunteers, payment of allowances, are as well organized by the House of Europe. Questions about daily life at the volunteering place, the missions and the activities are managed by the host institution and the tutor. The House of Europe has a supporting and mediating role. For every project, the volunteers have a tutor in each place where they daily volunteer.

Aims of the projects

The goals of the different projects are very similar: the idea is to make people in our region Sarthe aware of the European Union, to encourage interculturalism and openness to others, and to make the (young) people you work with aware that European mobility is also possible for them. By welcoming European volunteers all year, the public of the different places will be able to deconstruct their prejudices and be less afraid of differences, while learning to interact with someone from another culture.

All the volunteers are linked to develop common projects and enhance the presence of European volunteers in the region of Sarthe.

How to apply?

This project is coordinated by the House of Europe in Le Mans. You will mainly be in touch with us during the application process, and at the beginning of your ESC to settle there. All administrative and financial aspects of the projects are managed by the House of Europe. To consider your application complete, we would like to receive from you:

Please send us your application to evs@europe-en-sarthe.eu

If you already have some knowledge of French, please don’t be afraid to apply in French! No matter if there are mistakes, you are here to learn!

Last update: 15th september 2023