24 avril 2023

ESC offer in the vocational school “Les Horizons”

1 opportunity for you!

The vocational school “Les Horizons” is a private professional high school. The establishment is 70 years old.

It extends over 2 places in the department of Sarthe, ST SATURNIN on the northern outskirts of the city of Le Mans and SAINT GERVAIS EN BELIN in the south of the department, and welcomes around 350 learners. The school has a wooded park, a large car park, a library, a self-catering and a boarding school, as well as 6 professional workshops.

Missions for you:

  • Listening to and chatting with students (students appreciate these times of exchange with young adults, related to adults of reference). The students will be 4th/3rd graders.
  • to participate in cultural exchanges through the participation in discussion spaces or the proposal of playful activities, such as preparing meals with students, staff members, etc.
  • to be present and active during outdoor games and various animations (blind test for example) animated by the volunteer (activities are always supervised by a professional from the school).
  • to propose workshops on their culture, country, passions and talents and invite interested high school students to join the group to join. For example, by integrating the volunteer into certain courses.

Last but not least

  1. // More general information on the project process is available by downloading our Infopack.
  2. // How to apply? Please download the specific form and send us a CV and a video as indicated in the form.
  3. // Have a look on all the volunteering opportunities that are coordinated by the House of Europe