📣 Call for European volunteer in the Maison de l’Europe

Come and join us!

The House of Europe Le Mans – Sarthe aims at promoting an active European citizenship and bringing European citizen together to a better understanding. It is totally independent of political, ideological and religious groups. We are member of the French Federation of European Houses. We are also information point of the French – German Youth Office and Europe Direct Information Center from the European Commission.

ESC volunteering project in the « Maison de l’Europe Le Mans-Sarthe » 1st September 2020- 31th July 2021.

Main activities of the structure:

  • Information: we provide information about the EU and its politics, about the other European countries. We have a resource center composed of books, games, DVD etc. about Europe
  • Educative workshops about Europe in schools, leisure centers, twinning committees, local communities. We also organize activities to enable French primary and secondary school pupils to discover Europe.
  • Training courses on various European themes for local communities, associations, and secondary/ higher education schools
  • Cultural events: organization and leading of various cultural events about Europe such as exhibitions, concerts, debates, conferences, seminars
  • Mobility of young people: as sending organization for the CES. We also encourage and prepare people to take part in other European mobility programs in the frame of Erasmus+. We are also the leader of a local consortium that aims at sending more than 150 young pupils in trainings all over Europe in the frame of the Erasmus+ program (VET mobility).

The volunteer will be fully integrated into the team of the HoE and will be considered as a full member of the association. He/she will participate in all the annual highlights of the association. The activities that will implement the volunteers are really perceived as an added value to traditional activities of the structure as they are carried by a young from another European country.

The volunteer will bring a real added value to the schedule. Depending on their skills and their learning will, the volunteer will be formed by members of our team in leading workshops, games, presentations on Europe. We will train and strengthen their knowledge of the European Union, all mobility programs throughout his volunteering.

The volunteer will have the opportunity to participate in training time enjoyed by employees of the association: these include courses offered by the French Federation of Europe Houses or by the French Representation of the European Commission. We also encourage proposing, developing its own activities and his personal project to make him gain autonomy and responsibility.

Do you still want to continue to read the offer? Great, you’re might be motivated! Please find all information about the project in the infopack!

Article publié le 30/01/2020