The town of “Saint Georges du Bois”

…is looking for a volunteer

Saint-Georges-du-Bois is a French commune located in the Sarthe department, in the Pays de la Loire region. Located 8 kilometers from Le Mans, this peri-urban commune has about 2,200 inhabitants and hosts many services: bakery, restaurant, bar-tobacco shop, supermarket, medical and paramedical office, pharmacy, dentist, nursery school, etc. It is part of the urban community of Le Mans Métropole.


  • In a general and transversal way, the volunteer will be accompanied by his referents to acquire skills for the following missions
  • Setting up individual or group activities.
  • Designing educational projects with the other animators present in the structure.
  • Organization of an activity program.
  • Setting up activities and games with the material provided.
  • Sensitization and mobilization of the public and partners on the different projects.
  • Accompaniment of the different persons.
  • Interaction and exchange with the different actors of a project and with the colleagues of the team.