The town of Rouillon…

…is looking for its new volunteer

In the town of Rouillon (2300 inhabitants) we are searching for an ambassador of an eco-friendly lifestyle, who can educate children, young people and adults about the environment and environmental action. No need to be an expert… just full of motivation about this subject and willing to share it with locals. The main objectives will be to improve the status of the school canteen by working on sustainable initiatives, and to promote carbon-free travel by leading various projects with the school and community.


  • The volunteer will lead the development of eco-friendly initiatives in the municipality of Rouillon, educating and encouraging inhabitants to take care of the environment with their daily actions. More specifically, missions may include:
  • Work with the school canteen and local producers to educate school children on the benefits of a gree­ner menu (local produce, organic produce, changing their attitude to vegetarian options)
  • Work with the school, school canteen, activity center, and other local institutions to lead by example by reducing waste and promoting more sustainable waste management (recycling, compost, etc.)
  • Coordination of walking bus/cycling bus (Pédibus/Vélobus) for greener school journeys
  • Facilitate cycling in Rouillon: propose cycle paths, bike reparation stations, etc.
  • Organize activities for children around the topic of taking care of the environment, in class, during school break times, or at the local activity center (which runs on Wednesdays and during the school holidays).
  • Support the local Youth Council (CMJ) in launching eco-friendly projects for the town
  • Organize community events (workshops, excursions, fairs, clean walks) to encourage eco-friendly actions