The social center “Le Grand Lucé”…

…is looking for a volunteer

The social center intends to be a center of initiatives carried by inhabitants, supported by professionals, capable of defining and implementing a social development project for the whole population of our territory and to implement a social development project for the whole population of our territory of intervention.

Our reference values are popular education, namely human dignity, solidarity and democracy. Our ways of action are rooted in the lived experience of the inhabitants.

The social center is open to the whole population and offers them a welcome, activities and services; therefore, it is able to detect the needs and expectations of the users and inhabitants.


  •  The volunteer will be involved in the various activities of the social center.
    By welcoming a young person in CES, the social center aims to give the youth of the territory an opportunity to discover Europe in a different way. The presence of a young person in the ESC will be a chance to develop among young people the of non-discrimination, tolerance, openness, solidarity and Europe. His/her presence in the territory will bring benefits in the short and long term. In short term, through the projects and awareness that he will bring. In long term by its impact on the young people, the population, the team, the elected officials…
  • The volunteer will be involved in the following missions:
  • to participate in socio-educational, cultural, artistic, scientific and sports activities with a teenage audience
  • to work with the youngsters from 11 to 17 years during the school vacations (2 weeks during the All-Saints’ Day vacations, 1 week during the Christmas holidays, 2 weeks during the winter vacations, 2 weeks during the spring vacations and the month of July)
  • The preparation of the activities and the distribution of the program takes time and we will devote our efforts to it outside of the vacation periods
  • The volunteer will be asked to discuss with the young people to identify their needs and desires. He/she will build the projects with the professional animators and partners before the vacations.
  • to animate the youth room on Wednesday afternoon with a professional animator, opening from 2pm to 5pm.
  • to animate the school’s foyer daily during lunch break with a professional animator, opening from 1pm to 2pm.
  • to participate in cultural, linguistic and artistic awareness projects at the Grand Lucé school in partnership with the teachers
  • to participate in events organized by the social center (e.g. youth festival, forum of associations, day against harassment…).