Let’s live Europe…

…in rural areas

This project will involve 6 volunteers from different European Union countries. Each one of them will volunteer in one of the 6 boarding schools who are local training centres for teenagers from the surroundings of Le Mans, in the department of Sarthe in France.

The local training centres are called: the “Maisons Familiales Rurales” or MFR (literary translated as the “rural family houses”). The volunteer will work in one of the 6 MFRs. Each MFR hosts young pupils having difficulties with the French traditional school system and who are looking for a new way of learning. The MFRs are located in our region Sarthe and each MFR is located in a different village. The 6 volunteers will be accommodated together in a house in Le Mans, the biggest town of the department, but each of them will have to go by car or by public transportation to its MFR. Some MFRs povide a car to the volunteer to go to the MFR (1-hour round trip per day). Other volunteers need to take the train or the bus (2-hour round trip per day).

One of the challenges of this project is to bring Europe in rural areas toward pupils who have no knowledge at all about Europe and its countries. Therefore, the transports issue is important and all applicants must have a driving license. You can choose to apply for the 6 vacancies, or choose specific training centers regarding the topics of the diplomas prepared by the pupils (healthcare, forest…) for example.


  • You will be considered as a full member of the team and will be included in the daily work of each center.
  • You will develop your sense of initiative, gain new skills and knowledge through the organization of different activities for the MFR (workshops, courses, individual support, sports, games, presentations, lectures)
  • You will work with teenagers by using non-formal-learning’s methods
  • During the project, you will mainly be in touch with the young people that are hosted in the MFR, and you will be as well encouraged to submit and implement your own projects, with possibilities of partnership with other local organizations
  • You will act as an ambassador of your country, and thus you will promote values such as diversity and interculturality
  • You will organize and lead some of the collective activities.

Watch the full movie about the project : https://bit.ly/2OnQx8q

> or take 7 minutes to watch the sum up : https://youtu.be/1JkSD_derOQ